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Lessons and Costs

Midlothian Aquatic Survival Training's Infant and Child Self Rescue Swimming Program is taught in a 5-week schedule.  Lessons are 4 days per week, 10 minutes per day.  Your child will swim at the same time each day.

Lessons are located in the Triple Crown Subdivision off of Hull Street and Deer Run in Midlothian, VA.  Exact address to be given after registration.

All lessons are taught in the instructor's own heated pool in a private, one-on-one environment.  Parents and caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to watch lessons though not necessarily participate until the end of training.  The purpose is to give your child the skills necessary to self-rescue alone in the water.  

Come, bring a book, chat on the phone or hang back to the side of the yard with a cup of coffee.  An inexperienced child with a distracted parent is at the greatest risk of drowning and this is the environment we need to put them in to learn.

Our program incorporates toys, swimming goggles, music and other pleasant distractions.  While this helps keep the training enjoyable for your child, the real purpose is to simulate the environment a child is most likely to drown in.  Infants and toddlers drown with toys in their hands.  A child wearing goggles tends to be overlooked by lifeguards and adults as a "swimmer".  Parents distracted by the music of a backyard party won't hear a child struggling in the water.


  • Survival Swim Lessons are $115/week

  • First-time students pay a $100 Registration Fee

  • Students who have completed the program can attend one-on-one maintenance lessons at $25/lesson

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