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About MAST

Midlothian Aquatic Survival Training: "MAST"

Midlothian Aquatic Survival Training is a one on one, private survival swimming course for infants and children.

Our curriculum focuses on teaching children the skills needed to survive an accidental exposure to water.  While we strive to provide a fun and enjoyable experience for all students, our primary mission is to give your child the skills needed to self-rescue in water.

Our lessons are taught in a backyard heated pool with a focus on simulating the drowning risks your child will actually face.


Our Program

Midlothian Aquatic Survival Training's program is an intensive 4 day a week / 5 week schedule designed for infants aged 6 months to 6 years of age.  Your child will be taught by a PediaSwim Certified Instructor. 


Aquatic self-rescue is the focus of each lesson and the core of our program.  While lessons are designed to be fun, the purpose is to give your child the skills necessary to self-rescue in the event of a potential drowning scenario.  We want your child to enjoy the experience; we need them to be able to save themselves alone in water.

Your child will be taught with the PediaSwim method by breaking the self-rescue swim into the component stages of: Breath Control and Eyes Open, Head Orientation and Body Posture, Kicking, Rotation (Flipping Over, Rolling), Floating, and finally Swim - Float - Swim to Safety.

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